With their newest release, French Press, the band tackles the Deep House, Disco, and Electro that influenced them so much. In this, they all play songwriter, producer and performer, to deliver a highly unique listening experience catered to listeners of all types of music.

“The EP has a jazzy feel to it. It’s sample heavy, but it doesn’t feel like it is when listening to it. It doesn’t sound like something you’ve already heard; it’s got its own originality to it...[French Press] was a satisfying mix of those mellow, almost entrancing, undertones, and upbeat, “can’t sit still while listening to” overtones.” - Nora Hones, NYS Music

Brooklyn based Teddy Midnight is a synth driven electronic trio, blurring the lines of Electronica and Live band improvisation. Blending House, Techno, Breakbeat and drum and bass, Teddy Midnight captures those magic moments on the dance floor with the ethereal mix of electronic and live instruments.

The band’s diverse catalogue spans the past 4 years, with one Album and two EP’s. These releases showcase their ability to not just play many different genres, but also produce all of the music they record. They have often been coined as “Live Producers”, as they incorporate electronic elements from their albums into their live performances. Since their love of House music drives them to create dance-inducing tracks, directed for the dance floor, they use live improvisation to take their audience into new worlds that expand on their album work. In this way, they blend songs together, creating a patchwork of ever-changing electronic grooves, making it unique for every crowd.

Since their inception, Teddy has played at landmark venues across NYC including Irving Plaza (With Twiddle (x2) and Kung Fu), Bowery Ballroom, Gramercy Theatre (With Dopapod) and Brooklyn Bowl (with Consider the Source and More). They have also played major festivals all over the country like Disc Jam Music Festival, Bean Stalk in Colorado, The Werk Out in Ohio, and countless festivals in the north-east and beyond. When they’re not touring festivals, they play everywhere from Nectars in Vermont, to The Hollow in Albany, to the 8x10 in Baltimore.




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